"Clothing Study of Yi Nationality"

This is a animation made to present the clothes of two different groups from Yi minority nationality: the Dayao group and The Liangshan group. The sequence is divided into two parts:color palette and the clothing presentations.
There are five common colors used in the design of clothes: Red( include pink and red), Yellow, Green(include blue and green), white, and black. 
The four colors are also given meanings: Red represents protection against evil; yellow represents sun ray and harvest; green represents plants and sky; black represents the soil and rock.
THEClothing design from Dayao group play with dramatic color contrast(red vs. green, white vs.black, etc.) and staking of decorations. Floral prints are the primary elements; geometric and organic patterns such as diamonds, triangles, and swirls are used as the secondary elements to balance between colors and textures. 
Comparing to Dayao, clothing design from Liangshan group uses darker color palette and simplified patterns. patterns such as swirls are used as main elements. Thin color stripes are used along with the pattern.
All the vector elements are done in AI then imported into AE for editing.  


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